Prabha Khaitan Foundation is celebrating Holi utsab “LAGLO JE DOL”

Swapan Kumar Das

The leading cultural organisation Prabha Khaitan Foundation is celebrating a special event “Laglo je Dol” to celebrate Holi. In Bengali Dol or especially to the Indian Holi is one of the most popular utsab in India, celebrating Spring, joyous life and hope. In Santiniketan this traditional festival is celebrated every year with song, dance, poetry and is known to all as Tagore’s Basanta Utsab. Spring is the time of love, the time of inspiration. “Laglo je Dol” is curated by Dr. Sangeeta Datta. This outdoor event held in Sunderban lawns, ITC Sonar where all the Covid protocols were maintained.
The event showcase five cultural companies with leading cultural icons.

Dona Ganguly with her students from Dikshamanjari performed Odissi, Priti Patel and Anjika dance company staged Manipuri dance, Sangeeta Datta and Baithak artistes performed Tagore and Ranbindrik style, Nadam performed Kathak and Tanushree Shankar and her dance company presented Uday Shankar style of dance. The evening was even more special with recitations by leading Bengali poet Srijato and theatre personality Soumitra Mitra.

Prabha Khaitan Foundation feliciated to the dancer Dona Ganguly after her group performance.

It was going to be a gala show and a treat to watch all the esteemed artistes performed on the same stage. This grand event and aided the viewer in making it the most memorable show ever.

Recitations by leading Bengali poet Srijato.

The curator Sangeeta Datta told, ‘I invited five arts companies to present short pieces all linked by the theme of Basant or Spring. I have grown up in a musical atmosphere where Basant Utsab was celebrated every year. I run the arts company Baithak which introduces Indian arts to young audiences. We need to celebrate life, link with nature, know more about the rich traditions of Music and dance’.

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